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Marketing your property's potential

26th February, 2016

Presenting your home for sale is arguably one of the most important elements which contributes to the price you achieve for your property. We have compiled ten top tips which will help you present your home in its best possible light.

First Impressions
When buying a property, first impressions are key. We are told that a buyer will decide within seconds of arriving at a property whether they might buy it or think it has potential. Try and make the exterior of your house as tidy and as appealing as possible. Ensure the front garden and driveway are clear of weeds, refuse bins are placed out of sight and any hedges and lawns have been trimmed and are clear of debris. It can be useful to take a photograph of your property and look at it through the eyes of a camera. Very often this will highlight elements that need attention.

Fix and Clean
Compile a schedule of items that need attention and work your way through it. Focus on quick fix items, like removing limescale, cleaning tile grout, filling holes in walls. Ensure the kitchen and bathrooms are sparkly clean and ensure there are no horrible smells lurking anywhere. Evidence of pets should be removed where possible. If you have children, try and limit the number of toys that are out on display. A well-organised play area can be a real selling point for a family home but a sitting room full of childrens’ clutter can be distracting.

Fresh Coat of Paint
A fresh coat of paint is probably the simplest yet most cost-effective thing you can do to smarten up your home. A neutral colour scheme will help rooms appear larger, brighter and more appealing and help buyers visualise themselves living there more easily.

Improve Lighting
Check all your lights are working and replace light bulbs where necessary. If there are any dark corners, consider strategically placing a lamp there and switching it on for viewings. Mirrors can also make rooms feel larger and brighter. Consider placing the odd strategic mirror to make small spaces such as hallways feel more welcoming and airy.

Rationalise all the clutter that has built up over your years in your home. This is useful exercise to do before you put your house on the market. We have seen many people undertake this exercise in between exchange and completion when they are time-limited and it can become quite stressful!  Again, taking a photograph of your rooms can help you to identify areas which need attention.

Avoid the temptation to light a few candles to mask nasty odours. Always try and fix the source of the smell. Clear drains, wash bins, open windows, air the kitchen and wash anything that’s wash-able.

Pick A Good Estate Agent

  • Picking your agent is key when selling your home. Ask friends and neighbours for recommendations – there is nothing better than a personal recommendation.
  • Choose a local agent who knows the area well and has experience in that market.
  • Do a bit of secret shopping. Go into some local agents and pretend to be looking to purchase a house. This will give you an idea of how professional they are.
  • Choose an estate agent with a strong online presence checking that they advertise on the major property portals  like Rightmove, Zoopla and Primelocation. Ask whether they pay for premium listings of properties, this can help make your property stand out from the crowd.
  • Above all, pick an agent that you like, trust and know will do a good job for you. 

Make Your Property Available
Many buyers struggle to view properties on week days as they work full time.  It’s therefore advisable to make your property as accessible as possible to buyers, which includes allowing viewings in the evening and at weekends.

If you are thinking about marketing your property and would like some professional and independent advice please call one of our branches. Our agents are local experts and happy to answer any questions you might have without any hidden agenda.

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