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jdm sponsors the Chislehurst Big Draw

2nd October, 2017

Elisabeth Howard

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On Saturday 30th October jdm proudly sponsored the eigth annual Big Draw drawing festival on Chislehurst Common. The theme for this year's event was 'Our World in Common'. The children joined an expedition around the world and were transported between countries where they created traditional crafts frlom each continent. The intrepid exlorers made candy Sushi in Japan, leis in Taihiti, sculpted safari animals in Africa and made Hopi  kachina warriors in India. They twirled hand painted Chinese banners, made aboriginal dream paintings and oil pastel worldwide mask paintings. Acitivities were interspersed with a hog roast, face painting, Wishworks animal puppetry and jdm popcorn. All in all the day was full of entertainment and fun for all the family. The whirlwind tour (and there was plenty of wind to sweep us off our feet!) culminated in live music and dancing in the Cockpit. All proceeds of the event went to support the invaluable work of the Trustees of Chislehurst Commons. As a long term supporter of the work of the Trustees, jdm was deligted to be able to contribute to their efforts and support an event which is so integral to the local community. 

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  • A buyer in the first week

    I’d been attempting to sell my property through an online only estate agent and whilst I was able to achieve two instructions to purchase none of these went to exchange. I felt that it was the lack lustre approach taken by the online agency that led to the lack of progress. I turned to JDM as I had met them when they originally valued the property and was impressed by their polite and professional manner. I only wish I went with them straight away. We got a buyer in the first week and where JDM stood out was their commitment to see the sale through. JDM dealt with all required access to the property, liaised with the buyer referring any matters to me promptly and were readily available. I really felt supported by them and would have no hesitation in using them again.

    Stefan Channing

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    It was always going to be difficult purchasing a house as a first time buyer. Andrew and the team were so helpful and made the process so much easier than anticipated. Would highly recommend their services!


  • Couldn't Recommend Highly Enough

    Let my property with JDM for 2 years after I moved abroad, they were very helpful throughout the whole process, kept me informed, inspected the premises regularly and managed the whole arbitration process (achieving a positive result for me) when there was a deposit dispute after the tenants moved out. I've just sold the property through them and, again, couldn't fault them. They did a great job of keeping me updated, liaising with the buyers regularly, answering my queries promptly and ensuring everything went as smoothly as it could. Felt they really cared about me and acting in my best interests.

    Matt Smith